Shooting Games


Destroy The WorldDestroy The World
Enough Weapons of Mass Destruction have been found on the Earth to destroy dozens of planets!

Piss DrunkPiss Drunk
Have you ever been accused of splashing the paintwork when you've had a few?

Snowball FightSnowball Fight
Duck! Its cold war games. Defend yourself against the other kids in this online snowball fight.

Mission To MarsMission To Mars
Level the city to secure your landing!

Planet MayhemPlanet Mayhem
Mad canon shooting game - choose the right combination of character and weapon to get the best score.

Navy GameNavy Game
In this navy flash game your aim is to control the helicopter

Defend Your InglorDefend Your Inglor
Your job is to help beat off this onslaught and repair I-Ng-Lors system.

Kitten ShootingKitten Shooting
It is simple: two kittens, two shots - make them count. There are 10 cats per round.

Nobuyuki Forces 3Nobuyuki Forces 3
You need to cut Mr. Nobuyuki off his political influence.

Robo FarmerRobo Farmer
You have to walk with your robotic farmer through the farmlands and shoot down all the baddies.

Schnappi ShooterSchnappi Shooter
The goal of this game is simple, kill as many schnappies as possible within the timelimit.

Hostile SkiesHostile Skies
You're a fighter ace, complete a series of dangerous missions then challenge the evil 'Red Baron' for supremacy of the skies!

Panda Bear WarPanda Bear War
Your aim in this online shooter game is to destroy bad mechanical pandas.

I'm sure most of you played some game from Moorhuhn series.

Metal WarthMetal Warth
In this side scrolling space shooter, destroy all rebel machines.

Base Defense 2Base Defense 2
Defend your base by shooting down the attacking soldiers, tanks & aircraft.

Attack TimeAttack Time
Go on the defence as air and ground enemy units try to take you out.

War On Terrorism 2War On Terrorism 2
Take a stand against terrorism and save the day.

Fulltime KillerFulltime Killer
Complete the shooting targets as fast as possible.

Cave Escape 2Cave Escape 2
You are a psychic stick figure. Escape the collapsing cave using your powers!

Doom RunnerDoom Runner
Blast as many enemy ships as possible. Be sure to collect power ups.

Drakojan Skies 2Drakojan Skies 2
You have to lead your fellow team of warriors of the Omega Squadron

Christmas Castle DefenseChristmas Castle Defense
The aim of this Christmas version of the defend your castle

He must kill all terrible creations.

Alias 2Alias 2
Artificial Life form Intended for Assassination and Sabotage.

Resident EvilResident Evil
A silly flash movie based on characters from the video game series Resident Evil.

Mouse WarsMouse Wars
Guide your mouse pointer through space and shoot down as many enemy ships as possible in this nice version of space shooter.

Sifth EadsSifth Eads
In this great tactical shooting game you play as Vinnie.

Knife ThrowKnife Throw
Your objective here is to hit these targets on the wheel by knife throwing before you run out of knifes.

Zombie GrinderZombie Grinder
The object of this game is to survive in a hostile word and kill as many zombies as you can.

Prevent AttackPrevent Attack
Your objective is to control your jet fighter and shoot all the enemy helicopters and planes.

Robots AttackRobots Attack
Your aim is to shoot down space robots with your laser weaponry

Spec OpsSpec Ops
Shoot down all terrorists with your M4A1 carbine, M9 pistol or M40AM Sniper rifle, and at the end beat up Osama Bin Laden.

Pilot your aircraft around and shoot asteroid in this top-down view arcade game.

Snowball 2Snowball 2
This is a nice snow-mobile racing game.

Scope AssaultScope Assault
Scope out the area, identify the enemy then shoot him down!

Boulder CannonBoulder Cannon
Shoot the boulders rolling down the hill before they destroy your cannon!

Tanks 2004Tanks 2004
Tanks 2004 is very good flash game with lots of missiles and bombs.

The Escape 2The Escape 2
You start off with the pistol, and later you will earn new guns.

Little Johns ArcheryLittle Johns Archery
You've to help him shoot and hit other obstacles before the time runs out to proceed to the next level.

Unreal FlashUnreal Flash
Unreal flash is nothing other than a flash version of Unreal Tournament.

Tank AssaultTank Assault
Take control of an Anti-tank gun and destroy all the enemy tanks before they conquer your base.

Kitten CannonKitten Cannon
Kitten Cannon is very simple to play. Just aim the cannon using the up/down cursor keys and use space to fire.

Super SoldierSuper Soldier
In this sweet flash side scrolling shooting game you have to survive and convert all enemy flags and then head back.

Age Of The AntsAge Of The Ants
Defeat the giant mutant ants that threaten you in this down shooting game.

Throw sticks at the squirrels.

Alpha ForceAlpha Force
A good old fashion side scrolling shoot-em-up. Bosses! Smart bombs!

Ammo AmbushAmmo Ambush
In Ammo Ambush game enemy forces are trying to break through your defence.

Tactical AssassinTactical Assassin
You will be given objectives prior to entering a mission.

Diddis FroglandDiddis Frogland
Control Diddi, the frog, to get all the ants, spiders and the dew drops with your tongue.

Sniper ShootSniper Shoot
Complete the shooting targets in the shortest period of time.

Turret DefenseTurret Defense
In this game you need to destroy enemy convoys.

Attack Of TherobotsAttack Of Therobots
Destroy robots, and collect new weapons as you progress.

King Of ButtonsKing Of Buttons
Click on the buttons with your mouse to push them in endurance, time trial, challenge and reflex matches.

Black ShootingBlack Shooting
Fight and kill your enemies, use slow motion, and destroy all enemy units.

Zombie StormZombie Storm

Commando 3Commando 3
Like any other Real Time Strategy game, you must lead your troops to win the battle.

Flame OutFlame Out
Ignite the transmutation circle to set off one Hidrogen Blast per round.

Operation MausOperation Maus
You are a special forces soldier who has to save the world from the evil Commandante Maus!

Thing ThingThing Thing
Escape from a mental asylum in this action game.

Alpha Bravo CharlieAlpha Bravo Charlie
In this helicopter recon game, your mission is to pickup servicemen .

Brink Of Alienation 2Brink Of Alienation 2
So you saved our mother Earth from alien infiltration in the first part.

Astro BlasterAstro Blaster
In this cool space shooting flash game is to stay alive as long as possible

Bullet TimeBullet Time
Jump over your enemy kick punch shoot your gun and fly off a wall in bullt time matrix style.

Pengiun PushPengiun Push
Move the blocks around into the proper spot.

Air Defence 2Air Defence 2
Protect your communication tower against the enemy air strike.

Urban WizardUrban Wizard
In this game play as the urban wizard, who rather than casting geeky spells, shots his enemies up.

James BunnyJames Bunny
Unfortunately, a group of rats stole those containers to make the bunny nation starve to death.

Robot WarRobot War
Your aim is to shoot all dangerous robots who are trying to stop you

Thing Thing 2Thing Thing 2
There's a fairly in depth tutorial you should read to get you started.

Stickman Sam 2Stickman Sam 2
You have successfully completed the rigorous training in the previous version of the game

Black KnightBlack Knight
The Black Knight, to go hither and bash as much taxes as possible from peasants.

Gun RunGun Run
Try to run as far as you can, destroying the numerous mechanized dragons.

Wasted SkyWasted Sky
In this cool side scrolling shoot em up game, you have to protect your space station form attacks of alien ships.

Wild PistolWild Pistol
Wild west shooting game.

Never LandNever Land
It features Michael Jackson where he has to keep kids from running away from neverland.

All Hallows EveAll Hallows Eve
Protect your mansion from the attacking zombies, then sell their dead bodies.

Heli AttackHeli Attack
Helicopters come at you in waves, your mission is to take as many choppers down as possible.

Alien MayhemAlien Mayhem
Your Space Station XII has reported some strange happenings.

Crazy CastleCrazy Castle
We thought it was time you got to shoot the hell out of stuff, so we made this game for you

Jedi TrainerJedi Trainer
The objective of this game is to use YOUR MOUSE to kill the droids by deflecting lasers into them without getting hit

Zombie RushZombie Rush
Matt and Draconica's Surf shack is under attack by zombies.

Gun Master Urban AssultGun Master Urban Assult
Your goal in this great shooting game is to kill the enemies and stay alive as long as possible.

Bomber BobBomber Bob
Shoot down incoming enemy planes and defend your Carrier in this mid-air combat game.

Ao War On IraqAo War On Iraq
Shoot down Iraqi Terrorists, Jeeps, Grenaders and hostile villagers.

Clash'n SlashClash'n Slash
Protect your home planet from the endless onslaught of the enemy armarda!

Nemos RevengeNemos Revenge
You are Captain Nemo and that no-good squid just stole the nautilus power source.

Trap ShootTrap Shoot
The sport is in some ways a replacement for a game where the targets were live pigeons.

Simpsons SnowfightSimpsons Snowfight
In Springfield Snow Fight use your mouse to aim and throw snowballs.

Shoot all the yellow faces to score maximum points and advance to next level.

Space GunnerSpace Gunner
Fire bullets, missiles and mines from your turret and destroy all enemy space ships.

Water BombWater Bomb
One's trying to land on the island and the other's trying to keep him out.

Storm The HouseStorm The House
You defended your castle, Now defend your house....

It's an addicting game shooting space ships.Try to avoid rockets.

Dry FireDry Fire
This is a nice shooting addicting game to play.Destroy all the soldiers.

Bridge BomberbusBridge Bomberbus
Drive a Bomber bus on a never ending bridge and destroy the enemy by firing missiles

Invader GameInvader Game
Destroy as much as possible before you diw or run out of time.

In this addictive game your aim is to shoot the dude as far as you can.

Drakojan Skies 3Drakojan Skies 3
Lead the Omega Squadron against the hostile enemies in this third mission to protect the Drakojan territory.

Texas TakedownTexas Takedown
Cheney's got a gun and he's on the hunt.

Major MadnessMajor Madness
Grab your machine gun and set out to eliminate all the Heimlich Maneuver Group members spreading chaos and mayhem!

Stickman MadnessStickman Madness
Your aim in this first person shoot em up with those sneaky stick figures is to kill all dangerous enemies that come in your way.

Gunny Bunny 2Gunny Bunny 2
You control one angry and rude rabbit with 2 mini guns.

Cross FireCross Fire
Your objective in this shooting game is to kill all the enemy soldiers

Invasion 2Invasion 2
First of all, you need to build a few units by clicking on them in the Pre-battle screen.

Brain Splatters 2Brain Splatters 2
Pick your path in this interactive storylike adventure avoid being shot

Zorro TankZorro Tank

Zelda InvadersZelda Invaders
Help the Link to protect his territory against enemy forces by killing all of them.

Naval StrikeNaval Strike
Fly an agile fighter aircraft, in this awesome Dog Fighting game and destroy the secret cargo supply line of the enemy.

RaidenX is an extreme shooter game.

Army SwatArmy Swat
Cool first person shooting game where you face a gang of terrorists

Demonic Defence 4Demonic Defence 4
Build up your castle by upgrading walls, and adding gunners, towers, archers. Use spells and runes to defend it.

Little Johns Archery 2Little Johns Archery 2
Little John is here again in this archery game.

Commando ArenaCommando Arena
This is a simple shoot'em up game, try to defeat the big white CommandoBOT to make your day.

Flash StrikeFlash Strike
A critical and challenging mission to shoot down the armed men by launching an attack in their own territory...

Bridge GuardianBridge Guardian
Your aim is to protect very important bridge connecting the two hills.

Johny ElsucioJohny Elsucio
Help johnny in releasing the hostages by killing all the kidnappers.

Heidi OneHeidi One
Your aim is to fly heavily armed spaceship and destroy agresive enemy units in each sector to proceed to the next one.

Choose a weapon and shoot everything that runs, ducks or crawls, leave no prisoners.

You find yourself Confused in a dark strange place with only a flashlight, you must figure out what is going on!

Shoot down the invading enemy creatures with your bow and arrow and use volleys to destroy them all before they reach your castle.

Missile StrikeMissile Strike
Play a futuristic game online by defending your base from incoming comets and meteors.

Medieval DefenseMedieval Defense
Your objective in this shooting game is to protect your medieval castle by killing all the enemies out of your way with spells.

Space AmbushSpace Ambush
A turret defending game where you protect your position by shooting down the attacking army.

Flu BirdsFlu Birds
Shoot down those infectious turkeys.

Zombie SquirrelZombie Squirrel
Shoot down zombie squirrels using your pistol, akimbo pistols and avoid shotgun blasts.

Star BashStar Bash
The object of this space shooting game is to destroy the enemy crafts by shooting them down using lasers, plasma shells, rockets and other lethal weapons.

Kitchen Of DoomKitchen Of Doom
Your aim in this shooting online flash game is to clear all the levels by collecting required number of food items.

Bird FluBird Flu
This is a shooting game where you have to kill bird flu by shooting down the birds.

House Of GhoulsHouse Of Ghouls
Shoot all the ghouls in the graveyard, house and other parts with your shotgun as you try to prevent

Zombie Horde 2Zombie Horde 2
Stranded in a dense jungle and surrounded by hordes of zombies, you've to accomplish various missions and survive till the end!

Frog BattingFrog Batting
There are 20 frogs lined up in a row, that will jump at you one at a time.

Shot Gun OrcShot Gun Orc
Orcs are mean enough on their own without being armed with modern weaponry.

Playing FieldPlaying Field
You've the power to smash the cars and kill the people on the earth using your huge fist

Virtual PoliceVirtual Police
Infiltrate into the enemy zone, shoot down all the baddies and rescue the hostages in this on-rails shooter.

Tower DefenceTower Defence
You can choose from a number of different elements to build towers from.

Stickman Sam 3Stickman Sam 3
Stick man Sam is on his first real mission to explore the enemy territory and find cheese, confronting all the guards!

Raindeer RevengeRaindeer Revenge
The other reindeers used to laugh and call him names.

Reverb 2Reverb 2
In this sequel of challenging Reverb help the stickman against attacking enemies and discover all the secrets.

Zombie ErikZombie Erik
This is pretty cool and quiet difficult game.

Alien ClonesAlien Clones
Move your robotic leg machine around and shoot down the strange legged aliens

Eat all the smaller birds and avoid all the larger ones.

Flash FodderFlash Fodder
Battle through the flash fodder campaign, use your machine gun, shotgun, pistol and explosives to win.

Drakojan Skies 1Drakojan Skies 1
Aim of your mission is protect the Drakojan territory and stop all enemies attacking you.

The ProfessionalsThe Professionals
You have to play the role of a trainee sniper in this advanced shooting game.

Santas VengeanceSantas Vengeance
Help heavily armed Santa to get back all the presents, that were stolen by bad grinchies.

Toon CrisisToon Crisis
Nice shooting game.

Prepare an army by training soldiers, archers and buy weapons, to invade the enemy castle

Pumpkin TossPumpkin Toss
The aim of this Halloween flash game is simple.

New Metal SlugNew Metal Slug
Battle your way through enemy territory, killing guards and rescuing prisoners in this awesome "Metal Slug" style game.

3d Swat3d Swat
Practice your shooting on targets as they pop up

Mud BallMud Ball

Alien ShowdownAlien Showdown
Destroy all aliens and their nests to go to next level.

Sea AssaultSea Assault
Collect green balloons falling from the sky to recharge your ammunition to shoot submarines.

Kwik ShotKwik Shot
Grab a shotgun and try to shoot down all the clay pigeons flung into the air

Grave 2Grave 2
Use pistol, shotgun, machine gun and shoot down the enemies within the building.

Heli Attack 3Heli Attack 3
Destroy all enemy units to progress through snow, jungle, canyon lands and lab levels... featuring over 30 weapons

Pumpkin Patch BlastPumpkin Patch Blast
Scare away rats by clicking them.

Devil KidDevil Kid
Kill all sorts of animals and critters with your pitch-fork, perform super attacks and use rage.

Clown Killer 2Clown Killer 2
Shoot down the evil clowns and end their cruel bloodshed in your city, in this shooting

Aim And FireAim And Fire
George Dubya and his pals are out shooting.

Soldier Of PainSoldier Of Pain
Your aim is to take control of your hero in three long missions and kill all of more than 100 soldiers.

Destroy all the asteroids you see.Find your way in this galaxy with your ship.

Invasion 3Invasion 3
Build and upgrade soldiers, archers, battering rams, cavalry, bombers and cannons to destroy the castle.

Ultimate DownUltimate Down
Move around as a stickman and shoot down hordes of zombies attacking you, using numerous weapons...

Linear AssaultLinear Assault
Play a nice little version of the classic 2D vertical shooting games. Destroy the enemies and their bosses to complete all the levels.

Skeet ShotSkeet Shot
Ready, aim, fire! In this free online game of marksmanship, targets whiz by at warp speed.

Sniper SchoolSniper School
Put your skills to the test! Play 3 sniper training games before starting your first mission.

Bush ShootoutBush Shootout
Make sure that Bush and Condoleezza get out of the White House alive!

Trojan GaurdTrojan Gaurd
Take this training session from four grenadiers to become a Trojan guard.

Thing Thing 3Thing Thing 3
Here comes the third part of very popular shooting game Thing Thing.

Shoot the enemies coming towards your bunker with your gun cannon and upgrade.

Allied AssaultAllied Assault
Annihilate all the enemies and save the planet.

Kinder Garten KillerKinder Garten Killer
Get inside the kindergarten and shoot down those pesky little kids with your shotgun avoid getting killed by them.

Sam SiteSam Site
Shoot down the missiles coming to destroy your city.

Starcraft Fa 4Starcraft Fa 4
You are commander of a siege tank and your objective is to defend your starcraft base for as long as possible.

Gun Master On SlaughtGun Master On Slaught
Try to survive for as long as you can and shoot down enemy soldiers, planes and bombers to earn points.

Blazing SquadBlazing Squad
Blast the targets with your machine gun and pistol - but watch out! They can shoot back!

Stinky BeanStinky Bean
Enter the demented universe of Stinky Bean.

Brink Of AlienationBrink Of Alienation
The aliens have attacked Earth! Stop them from enslaving the humans and conquering the Earth.

Alien AttackAlien Attack
Defend your Mars base and eliminate all alien ships

Wrath 2Wrath 2
Virtual violence is fun. Real violence sucks BIG time. Do Not Try This At Home!

Look AliveLook Alive
The aim of this game is to hit as much running kids as possible with the balloon.

Happy And SmileHappy And Smile
Bucket loads of Action you will love this game!

Rapid FireRapid Fire
Nice Shooting game. Try to hit as much as you can the moving targets.

Dont let the blood sucker suck your blood.

Rotting On SlaughtRotting On Slaught
You're a military commander and you must lead your troops safely to the extraction zone in each level, confronting the hordes of undead.

War On TerrorismWar On Terrorism
Nice game where you fight against Bin laden.

Stickman SamStickman Sam
In this action shooting game your objective is to help Sam the stickman, complete his training to become a soldier.

F18 HornetF18 Hornet
Test your piloting skills and your ability to become a true fighter pilot in this online game!

Defend Your TempleDefend Your Temple
Your objective is to defend your temple as long as you can.

Combat HeavenCombat Heaven
Lost deep inside a desert, try to survive the attack of enemy jets and tanks for as long as you can.

Maus Force AttackMaus Force Attack
Fly through the skies in your plane, shoot down helicopters and enemy planes with bullets or bombs.

Overrun 2Overrun 2
The second version of the popular overrun. This version has more enemies - faster reflexes needed!

Defend Your CastleDefend Your Castle
Defend Your Castle takes place on a grassy plain surrounded by invaders.

Final DefenseFinal Defense
You are here to defend your base as long as you can.

Dfence 2Dfence 2
Build factories and assign population as workers to get some income.

One SoldierOne Soldier
You need to plan your way to enemy base.

Galactic WarriorGalactic Warrior
Defeat the Aliens to get to the Galactic Big Boss.

Think you're a crack shot? Prove it!

American Desert BattleAmerican Desert Battle
Fly through desert in US Army helicopter, and shoot down all enemy troops

Worms Level 2Worms Level 2
Zombie worm slaughter!

Gunny BunnyGunny Bunny
PG - May contain content that might not be suitable for young children.

Tank PatrolTank Patrol
Drive your tank around and destroy wave after wave of red enemy tanks. Upgrade weapons and survive for as long as you can.

Fire SpawnFire Spawn
Ride your steed through the burning flats around Smoke Mountain and defeat all the dragons

Nanaca CrashNanaca Crash
The object is to smash as many human ninepins as possible with a human bowling ball.

Madness InteractiveMadness Interactive
An intense action game featuring many modes of play where you punch, shoot, stab or blow your opponents.

Endless WarEndless War
In this great shooting game you have to lead your platoon in different campaigns to win the missions.

Thingthing ArenaThingthing Arena
Thing-Thing Arena features all new weapons, new modes of play, and chaotic addictive game play.

Brink Of Alienation 3Brink Of Alienation 3
Sneaky aliens took some of your soldiers as hostages.

The Gun SmithThe Gun Smith
Crush your enemies with guns and dynomite!

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